Need to Apply for a Temporary Work Visa?

Don't try to go it alone - retain a work visa attorney in Bridgeport, CT

Applying for a temporary work visa is a complex process. Making mistakes along the way can delay the process or prevent you from obtaining a visa for your employee. That's why retaining a work visa attorney is a smart idea.

The Immigration Law Offices of David Carvalho, LLC helps employers in Bridgeport, CT and surrounding areas apply for...

E1 and E2 visas, for workers with extraordinary abilities or advanced degrees
L-1A and L-1B visas, for employees who are transferring within a company
O-1 visas, for individuals with extraordinary abilities or achievements
R-1 visas, for religious workers

Do you know what type of temporary work visa your employee needs? If not, call 475-238-8683 now to consult attorney Carvalho free of charge.

Want to live in the U.S. long-term?

You're more likely to become a permanent resident if...

  • An employer or relative sponsors you.
  • You're investing in real estate.
  • You're seeking asylum.

If you don't meet these requirements, you can apply for a green card through the Diversity Immigrant Visa Program. Contact our law office in Bridgeport, CT today to speak with a work visa attorney about the process.